Workplace Mindfulness

For the employer, mindfulness is performance-enhancing. For the employees, it creates greater job satisfaction and a better quality of life. It is a win-win situation.

Stress is directly related to: sickness, reduced productivity, time off, accidents in the workplace, high turnover, sleep disorders, depression and conflicts.  

Scientific research has proven that meditation reduces stress.  Meditation calms the mind and body and trains the mind to be presentIt reshapes the brain, which is called neuroplasticity - affecting the way a person thinks and feels. This causes an increase in memory, clarity, happiness and the ability to manage emotions effectively. 

  • Mindfulness classes are designed for the workplace
  • They are interactive and the environment is relaxed and supportive 
  • Programs can be designed to fit your organization's specific needs 

Participants will:

  • Learn what mindfulness is and what it is not-there are many misconceptions about meditation, and it can be learned by anyone who has the desire
  • Learn how to be more present, and move beyond the constant chatter and negativity of the mind
  • Have tools for self care that reduces stress, encourages accountability & creates overall well-being
  • Be able to indentify stressful situations; how it affects their mind and body; and then effectively use the techniques.
  • Learn how to  ‘push the reset button’ anytime during the day
  • Have a choice of how they wish to handle situations - respond rather than react

    Reduce Stress
    Improved Health & Well-Being
    Increase in Emotional Intelligence   
    Increased Focus & Clarity
    More Positive Attitude
    Creative Problem-Solving Skills
    Able to Manage Negative Emotions
    Enhanced Communication Skills
    Increase in Job Satisfaction

    Increase in Productivity
    Reduced Health Care Costs
    Lower Absenteeism
    Higher Productivity
    Higher Levels of Motivation
    More Effective Problem Solving
    Less Conflict Amongst Co-workers
    Improved Teamwork
    Less Employee Turnover








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