One-on-One Mindfulness Coaching & Mentoring

What is it you desire in your life?

Less Stress, More Peace,  Clarity, Connection, Balance, Health, or Over-All Well-Being?

Mindfulness meditation has been proven to improve all of these areas and many more. 

4-Week One-on-One Mindfulness Coaching in London, ON

Learn practical mindfulness tools for everyday living  to let go of stress, be present and improve your health and well-being. Mindfulness meditation is a simple and effective approach to cope with stress while increasing focus, clarity, and calm.

In this 4-week course you will receive guidance on developing a personal mindfulness meditation practice.  Mindfulness meditation is a form of meditation that involves being fully attentive in the present moment by becoming aware of one's own thoughts and actions without attaching any judgment to them.  Experience how empowering it feels to have tools that allow you to let go of stresses and negativity very gently and naturally.  Enjoy simple moments throughout the day instead of being focused on the past or the present, and develop an appreciation for yourself and your life.


  • Instruction, meditation, and discussion each week
  • Handouts, follow-up e-mails, and a guided meditation CD
  • Home play will be given each week

Times: 1.5 hours each week
Price:    $397
FALL SPECIAL:  Bring a friend for free.

For more information contact Kevin
p: 519-868-4236


One-on-One Mentoring in London, ON

I would be honoured to work with you to help acheive your goals.   Based on my own personal experiences, inner experience, and knowledge, I will help guide you to achieve personal and spiritual growth and healing.   On-going instruction and support will ensure the long-lasting, positive results you are looking for.Each mentoring session is tailored to your needs

  • Customized techniques and practices to maximize healing and spiritual growth
  • Learn techniques for letting go, dealing with resentments, fear, anxiety, and stress
  • Learn mindfulness meditation
  • Learn simple healing techniques and modalities to support physical healing
  • Receive in-person energy healing
  • Cost:  $67/hour