Are you ready for change?

Are you overwhelmed with stress?
Do you struggle with depression, anxiety or insomnia?
Are you stuck in the same old thoughts and stories?
Does your life lack meaning or purpose?

Private Mindfulness Course
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Explore Mindfulness.

Most people spend a lot of their time searching for peace and happiness -but if they are searching for it on the outside their search will be never-ending. Peace does not come from the outside, it comes from within. Mindfulness Meditation is a tool that allows you to go beyond the constant chatter and negativity of the mind to a calm, peaceful place within. It is a modern mindfulness meditation practice that allows you to bring more awareness into your entire day.  The good news is anyone can do it - all that is required is the desire.   Learn more.

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The Benefits of Mindfulness:

  • Reduces stress
  • Peace of mind, clarity, focus
  • Greater self acceptance
  • Calms your body
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Better sleep patterns
  • Learn to manage emotions
  • Greater joy & happiness
  • Live more in the moment
  • Greater sense of purpose
  • Empowering - you have a choice of how you wish to be on a  moment-to-moment basis
  • Amazing quality of life!


Kevin facilitated a mindfulness meditation workshop for the Lived Experience & Recovery Network (LERN) during Peer Support Week in North Bay. The workshop was held at People for Equal Partnership in Mental Health (PEP) and was attended by peer support staff from across northeast Ontario as well as PEP members and community partners. Participants shared that they thoroughly enjoyed Kevin’s workshop, that he was an excellent facilitator, the pace of the exercises were just right and many further stated that this workshop was just what they needed at that time – it helped to reduce the stress and anxiety associated with the week’s activities as well as helped to create a sense of comfort in a large group setting. Many thanks to Kevin for sharing this with our group – you are welcome back anytime!
LERN Board, staff and members      North Bay, ON

"I have used the meditation techniques I learned with Kevin for 2 ½ years. The difference it has made in my life, as well as how I approach others has been dramatic.  When I began meditation I was dealing with incredible life stresses and was on medication to deal with them.  Since learning, and practicing meditation, I have gone off medication and have developed much more healthy and deep relationships with myself as well as with others. Meditation has helped me to deal with physical as well as emotional pain. I am much more at peace as a result."

Judy Loblaw, London, Ontario

"It's been my privilege to learn the fundamentals of Kevin's meditation technique. Not only is Kevin sympathetic and a keen listener, but the simplicity and serenity of his teaching is refreshing and most welcome. If you listen to what he tells you and follow through with his technique, you can greatly reduce the stress in your life--this I can attest to on a very personal level"
Eric Malette, Sudbury, Ontario

"Never before in my life have I found anything that has let me turn off the "noise" like the meditation program with Kevin. In their group program, they provided a safe place for me to be myself and to truly trust the quiet space. Thank you so much! You have given me a way of finding peace that will always be with me!"
Tammie Ross, London, Ontario

I took the meditation course with Kevins in June, 2009. I had learned a few other meditation techniques over the years. The meditation technique taught by Kevin is truly the most simple, practical and effective one that I have experienced. In 2010, I added more advanced levels because the benefits are so great. The meditation helps me to be grounded, calm and find inner peace. In turn, this allows me to be more focused and effective in my professional and personal life. I recommend Kevin without reservation.
Janet Christensen, London, Ontario